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Tekashi 6ix9ine TROLLING Justin Bieber By Sporting 'Drew' Sweatshirt During First Interview?!

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine made an interesting choice while picking his outfit for the first sit down interview since being released from prison -- and decided to sport a sweatshirt from Justin Bieber's 'Drew' clothing line. Wait what?!

Tekashi 69 sat down with New York's Fox 5 reporter, Lisa Evers, and opened up about everything including suicidal thoughts in prison to the scariest moments of gang life.

In the video, the rainbow rapper discusses his ultimate decision to snitch on the nine-trey bloods in NY and describes the harsh reality of a possible lengthy prison sentence that would follow the conviction.

If you look closely, during the discussion, Tekashi is wearing a blue 'Drew House' sweatshirt with a yellow happy face. Interesting choice considering he had major beef with JB after he was released.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Wears Justin Bieber's Clothing Line In First Interview!


“The pressure is so strong,” the 'Punani' rapper said describing being locked up.

He continued, “Mentally, I think people would have attempted suicide. At a point in jail, I thought about it. It’s so much stress, so much pressure because you’re seeing yourself on the news every day — this, that and a third, when is this going to come to an end?”

As we reported, Tekashi was facing over 40 years in federal prison for a host of charges connected with gang activity but decided to snitch on the gang -- and was ultimately sentenced to 2 years behind bars.

Tekashi 69 Claims He Was Suicidal In Prison


Tekashi was ultimately released early after his lawyers argued the rainbow rapper was at a very high risk of dying from COVID-19 due to an extreme case of asthma.

“With asthma and the coronavirus, I caught bronchitis once and two asthma attacks in prison,” he told Fox 5.

Adding, "When I caught bronchitis, they sent me to the hospital and the doctor said, ‘What’s going on in that jail? Why is it so cold in that jail?’ I remember I’m handcuffed … to the bed.”

As for his recent dangerous behavior, Tekashi addressed the situation, saying, “God has built me so strong. You know that saying, ‘What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger?’ So basically I feel like I’m not invincible but I feel like I’m at the peak of my mental state, where I’m just like, ‘I’ll be fine."

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As for the beef with Justin Bieber, it's an interesting choice of clothing knowing this interview will come with huge media interest, and considering he has his own clothing merchandise.

As we reported, Tekashi accused Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande of conspiring to buy streams for their single 'Stuck With U' to secure the #1 spot on Billboard. A position he believes he would have earned if not for the bundle purchases.

At the time, Tekashi claimed his team conducted an 'investigation' and found six credit cards had been used to purchase downloads of "Stuck With U" to fraudulently inflate the numbers.

"When we asked where was those six credit cards linked to, Billboard said we can't disclose that information," he said.

Justin and Ariana both addressed the situation claiming they did not juice the numbers and had some choice words for the rainbow rapper.

In the end, either it was another one of Tekashi's many trolls, OR, he just really like the colorful sweatshirt!

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