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McKayla Maroney close up

Gymnast McKayla Maroney Caught In Late-Night Towel Malfunction

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney isn't too happy with how things have turned out – the 25-year-old vault queen was grateful for what's to come as she updated for her 1.3 million Instagram followers this week, but with a mouth full of Invisalign, Maroney was struggling. The London 2012 Olympics face, fresh from surgery to address kidney stones that hadn't budged "in three weeks," is now fresh from a new, albeit less invasive, intervention. She's getting her teeth sorted, but it came with a malfunction as fans got towel action. Check it out below.

Teeth Talk

McKayla Maroney indoors in shirt

Scroll for the video. McKayla, who has been big-time in the news since her February E.R. visit saw her admit to "severe pain," was still in discomfort as she updated with a little self-care action. The California native, looking gorgeous with no fuss, posted selfies late at night and in a skimpy white bath towel. Also wearing a matching towel hair wrap forming little ears, the brunette revealed she's using teeth-straightening technology Invisalign.

"I got Invisalign today," she began, then admitting what had happened since.

See The Towel Below!

McKayla Maroney in sweater and dress

Semi-smiling, Maroney added: "And I definitely have a lisp going on. I'm not happy with it," she continued: "But, um, I'm sure it'll get better!"

Getting "better" is something McKayla knows all about right now, with the star recovering following her surgery earlier this month. McKayla was dreading going under the knife due to the "toll" surgery takes on one's body, but she did admit defeat after waiting three weeks for the kidney stones to budge. There's been fresh news since, though.

Scroll For The Handstand!


McKayla, who was signed to United Talent Agency shortly before her Orange County, CA E.R. visit, has scored herself a new career win. She's now fronting car insurance giant GEICO, with a hilarious lawn-set promo video showing her delivering a jaw-dropping and leotard-clad handstand as she encouraged fans to switch to "do not disturb" mode when driving.

The video, which also included the "unimpressed" face McKayla went viral for in 2012, came captioned: "Need help remembering to not drive distracted? Let me give you a hand-stand. @geico." More photos after the video.

Stuns Fans On Instagram

McKayla Maroney in yoga pants and hat

McKayla hasn't half been breaking hearts on Instagram this year. While the star appears to have deleted her TikTok, an account bringing frozen bread and peas workouts, the popularity continues on Instagram. "It’s always a good afternoon in @aloyoga 🖤," the gymnast recently wrote while shouting out celebrity-adored workout clothing brand Alo Yoga.

McKayla has also been making headlines for that teeny-tiny red Valentine's Day dress, one that turned heads as the gymnast also wore sexy thigh-highs. Scroll for it.

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