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Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan Reveals He's Back Pain Free On 67th Birthday, Back To Filming Action Movies

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By Jeff Mazzeo

It's crazy to think about, but there is now one 67-year-old that could most likely kick you a**!

Jackie Chan thanked his fans for wishing him a happy birthday on Wednesday, April 7. The legendary action star shared a pic of his birthday celebration with his fellow JC Stunt Team members that featured the action-ready group and Jackie's birthday cake. Chan revealed that he is preparing for his next big movie and is in tip-top health after suffering from back pain.

No More Back Pain

The JC Stunt Team

"It’s that time of year again and I’ve received so many messages and well wishes," Jackie wrote on social media. "I’d like to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to all my friends and fans from all over the world for your warm birthday wishes!"

The iconic action star expressed his relief to be working again after the massive global shutdown and said that he's thrilled that "things are starting to get back to normal again." He also gave an update on his physical health.

"A lot of people have been asking me about the back pain that I had earlier on," he wrote. "I just want to let everyone know, don’t worry! I’m feeling a lot better now."

Stunting For Jackie's B-Day

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Jackie was excited to announce that he spent his birthday preparing for his next role. "Honestly for me, working on my birthday is like giving my birthday the biggest respect ever. Ha ha!" he said. "Especially after thinking about the days when I stopped working because of the pandemic, being able to start work again is considered very fortunate."

"I also hope everyone will appreciate these fortunate and encouraging times. Thanks again for all your birthday messages! Wishing everyone peace, happiness, and good health!" Chan concluded.

Jackie Chan wishing people a happy Chinese New Year.

Posting on social media is a rare occurrence for the 67-year-old. In fact, the last time we heard from Jackie was when he wished his followers a happy Chinese New Year in February.

The star does take the popular platforms to dispel rumors and clear up confusion about his company or actions. He often posts when rumors of his death start to circulate (it happens more often than you think), and he was forced to clarify that his company was not affiliated with certain unauthorized projects.

It's good to hear from Jackie about something positive, like his birthday!

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