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Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods

Did Karl-Anthony Towns Say He Was Going To Marry Jordyn Woods?!

By Jeff Mazzeo

Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods were forced to defend their relationship, but the NBA star hinted that he was planning to pop the question during his Twitter rant!

The power couple both took to social media on Thursday, March 18, after someone allegedly photoshopped fake direct messages that indicated that KAT has not been faithful to Woods. Not only did Towns deny the cheating allegations, but he mentioned ring and Jordyn in the same sentence... and he wasn't talking about an NBA championship ring! Woods also reacted and defended her man's character during her own defensive Twitter rant.

Defending Her Man

Karl-Anthony Towns and Jordyn Woods on a date.

"I normally don’t address anything but what you’re not gonna do is play with my mans character," Jordyn said. "And to the person who started this rumor... WE SEEE YOU SIS.. since you wanna be seen SO BAD. God see you too."

The alleged scammer went as far as to allegedly record a fake voicemail that supposedly featured KAT hollering at another woman. "So crazy how someone can make fake screenshots and send it to blogs and y’all believe it 😭 my relationship is more than solid and I put that on everything," Woods tweeted, reacting to the "fake" cheating allegations. She also denounced the alleged voicemail in a separate tweet, “He don’t even talk like that. ‘Mamita?’ come on now.”

KAT's Out Of The Bag?

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns

The NBA star didn't let his woman do all of the defending, he set the record straight on social media as well. “A lot of goofies out here with photoshop skills,” he wrote. That's when he dropped a major hint about taking things to the next level with Jordyn.

"So I got the baddest girl in the game and you think I’m gonna waste my energy with anyone else 😂 gtfoh!" he exclaimed. "Same haters we got now are gonna be the same ones we have when I put that ring on her finger 🤷🏽‍♂️."

Read it again just in case you missed it... he said PUT THAT RING ON HER FINGER!

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