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Howard Stern's Wife Slashed By Family Cat, Shows Off The Bloody Injuries!

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By Mike Walters

Howard Stern's wife is treating a minor injury after one of the family's slashed her in the face after some routine cleaning and grooming of their pet -- and she is taking all the blame!

Beth Stern shared the stunning story and photos on Instagram including the damage, Pebble Stern (the cat), inflicted on her face! According to the supermodel, she failed to see the warning signs of the kitty getting agitated after cleaning her 'poopy bum.'

After finishing, Beth tried to give the furry feline a little kiss and ended up with a slash on the forehead. This one is going to leave a mark!

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See The Bloody Injuries!


Interestingly, Beth (who is a wonderful caretaker of rescue cats) is taking full blame for the incident -- warning fans and followers to read the warning signs of your animals so accidents like this don't happen.

"Note to self: listen to Pebble and allow her to communicate by her warning signs. Pebble was noticeably agitated by me cleaning her poopy bum (growling and hissing), and after I finished, I tried giving her a kiss on her head. This was my fault. And I learned. #listentoyourpets ♥️, she captioned the picture on IG.

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That's Going To Leave A Mark!


As you can see, it's not a terrible scratch, but Beth shared the image with her millions of followers hoping to teach the valuable lesson.

Several fans responded to the pictures with stories of their own, with one writing, "This is good advice Beth! I had to learn this with my temperamental cat Murphy. I look at his body language and let him cool down on his own instead of trying to kiss and cuddle him as I want. hope your scratch is ok 😘."

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Beth Stern: This Was My Fault, And I Learned


Another added, "They always warn first. Every time I’ve been on the sharp end of a claw it was my own fault for not heeding the warning signs. Glad to know I’m not the only one who’s made that mistake. 😉😾❤️."

A few couldn't help but toss out a few jokes, including, "Round one goes to Pebbles 😂" and "Tell me you’re a cat mom without telling me you’re a cat mom 😂😂😂😂😂😂."

In the end, everyone is ok, and it's clear Beth Stern couldn't be a more beautiful and compassionate person -- who is always helping our furry friends!

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