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Tiger Woods Didn't Remember Driving In Minutes Following Brutal Car Accident

By Mike Walters

Tiger Woods was suffering from a case of amnesia in the minutes following the brutal car accident, telling first responders he didn't remember driving before the crash.

According to multiple reports, Tiger Woods spoke to deputies responding to the accident scene and couldn't remember getting into the car, according to the search warrant obtained by investigators to get access to the 'black box' in the vehicle.

As we reported, authorities used the search warrant to get access to the part of the vehicle where they can see what the car was doing in the minutes prior to the accident, like its speed.

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Tiger Woods Was Initially Unconscious Following Massive Car Crash


Tiger Woods was reportedly unconscious in the first few minutes following the massive accident, and "The deputies asked him how the collision occurred" at the scene, according to USA Today Sports.

According to the affidavit attached to the search warrant, the "Driver said he did not know and did not even remember driving... Driver was treated for his injuries at the hospital and was asked there again how the collision occurred. He repeated that he did not know and did not remember driving.”

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Tiger Woods Told Investigators He 'Did Not Remember Driving'


Investigators working on this case are trying to determine if a crime was committed. But, authorities have already said they do not believe Tiger Woods was "impaired" while driving -- but may have committed "reckless driving."

According to one report, the words "reckless driving" do not appear in the search warrant, but data is being retrieved from the vehicle which "constitutes evidence that tends to show the commission of a felony or misdemeanor offense." As we reported, the warrant does not mention pulling a blood sample from the legendary golfer, to test whether or not anything contributed to the accident.

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Investigators Get Search Warrant For 'Black Box' In The Vehicle


“The investigators in the accident, or in the collision, they did a search warrant to seize in essence the black box of the vehicle,’’ the The L.A. sheriff said this week.

He continued, “And that’s all it is. And they’re going to go through it and see if they can find out what was the performance of the vehicle, what was happening at the time of impact. And with that, they’ll have more information they can attribute the cause of the accident. And that’s all it is, and we’ll leave it at that, OK?’’

As we said, in order to take it any further -- like the blood sample -- the officers would have seen some evidence of impairment, which they have repeatedly said they did not.

As of right now, the accident is still under investigation.

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