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'1000-LB Sisters' Star Amy Slaton Shares Heartwarming Pictures Of New Baby Boy!

By Mike Walters

'1000-LB Sisters' star Amy Slaton-Halterman is sharing heartwarming pictures of her 4-month-old baby boy -- after holding off from revealing any images until after the birth played out on the family's reality show!

The reality star took to Instagram and flooded her feed with precious of the newborn, including information about being a parent for the first time.

On the show, details of Amy's cesarean section emerged with an emergency involving the baby's blood sugar, ending with the reality star calling the delivery and situation a "miracle."

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Introducing, "Gage Deon Halterman," Amy posted on IG.

She continued, "Mommy's big boy teething but his doing really well only a bit fuzzy here and there. God I love this baby."

On Monday's episode, Amy describes the first few hours following baby Gage's birth, saying, "I just got out of [the] recovery room and Gage is in the nursery because his sugar was 24 — they want it at 50. So they're giving him a little bit of formula, trying to get it up."

Adding, "I'm hoping everything's okay."

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Gage Deon Halterman!


She continued, "Gage was still in the breech position, so in the end, I had to have a c-section. And then they took him away to the nursery to get some tests run because he had low blood sugar, 'cause it dropped."

Always a jokester, Amy questioned the doctor who performed the procedure -- "I ask him if he farted," Amy said laughing.

Fans flooded her IG with support and reactions to the beautiful baby photos. "I bet you’re so happy to be able to post pictures finally of Gage!! He really is such an adorable little guy! Absolutely perfect," one fan wrote.

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'Beautiful Baby Boy!'


"So precious Amy and Michael. Congrats honey I am so happy for you❤️," another added.

"Congratulations! 💙👶 Gage is a beautiful baby! I love watching your show. I got up extra early this morning to watch the last episode 😊."

As we reported, Amy's pregnancy was a surprise to the family, and sister Tammy wasn't happy at first based on the birth being so close to her sister's weight loss surgery.

"I was mad and sad and worried about her health and safety since it was so soon after her [weight-loss] surgery," Tammy said. Adding, "I'm happy she got pregnant because it was the one thing she most wanted in life."


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