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Tory Lanez Mocked For His Patchy Balding Hair

By Ryan Naumann

Rapper Tory Lanez is being torn to shreds for his quite visible balding hair while playing basketball in Miami.

Earlier this week, paparazzi photos were released which show the controversial artist laughing it up while shooting balls with friends. A bunch of onlookers was present for the game where Tory's hair looked a hot mess.

Tory didn't seem to have a care in the world while he was running up and down the court. He should have been worried about photographers from above


Tory, who is still facing serious criminal charges relating to the Meg Thee Stallion shooting, continues to live like that never happened. Fans who saw the photo quickly put Tory back in his place with incredibly harsh comments for the tiny man.

One fan wrote, "I wanna donate him a wig 🥴😅" Another wrote, "this mf tory lanez hair looks like a lollipop that fell on some carpet."

Others remarked, "It’s giving me crack head vibes" and "All that lying got him losing hair .. he ready to be wearing a man weave .. give him a few days 😂."


Tory Lanez reportedly already had hair restoration work done on his head. He previously spoke about his decision to restore his hairline with HipHopDX. He told the outlet, “If you look back at my old pictures, my only issue was my corners were gone.”

He added, “I fixed my corners and I just let the rest of my hair grow in. Some parts going a little faster than others, so it be a little unequal when I don’t lay it down … I’m coming back with the braids. I’m coming back crazy on y’all. Y’all think it’s a joke.”


Tory said Tyga introduced him to his doctor. He said, “I met a doctor that does hair restoration—that n***a is specifically for African American and Latino hair. So, basically, I was going away on my corners. They help me do the restoration. It’s not Bosley, though … that’s when they slice your head and do all this weird shit. I didn’t do that. My shit is more so natural.”

The rapper commented about the newly released balding photos writing, "Man I knew I shou;da combed my hair... patch work in there social distancing."

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