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Lily Collins close up

Lily Collins Pulls The Plug In Latex Thigh-Highs

By Rebecca Cukier

Netflix star Lily Collins is officially pulling the plug in tiny shorts and latex thigh-highs. The 31-year-old "Emily In Paris" star made her weekend Instagram update an eye-catching one, posting in skimpy shorts, boots, and with a vacuum cleaner as she prepped for a "big week ahead." Lily, who closed 2020 with her massive thigh gap on show, went artsy with the snap, but she didn't hide her knack for getting fans to hit "follow." Check out the plug action below.

Big Week Ahead

Lily in shower dress

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Lily makes headlines for another head-turner, one that saw her posing from her shower in a leggy Monse dress while flaunting her super-slim legs. The actress was today well away from the water and also with a piece of equipment that likely wouldn't fare well near it.

The photo, a bold one, showed Collins swinging a hip and opening a leg while in belted denim sorts, a white shirt, plus a snazzy black pair of latex boots.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!


Lily, sporting a top-knot bun and looking aggressively into the lens, held a yellow plug from a nearby vacuum cleaner, then taking to her caption to explain what was going on.

"Big week ahead! Prepping for a clean slate and a fresh start — and ready to switch up this face in 3 days (and counting!)...," the British-born star wrote for a total 75,000 likes before the post was 20 minutes old.

"You look so stunning," one fan quickly replied. See the shot below!

Scroll For The Insane Spandex Abs!

Lily Collins in boots with vaccuum

Lily, now a fashion muse on account of "Emily In Paris," a show that blends "Gossip Girl" feel-good vibes with "Sex & The City" energy, has been opening up on the hit show.

"It's funny because we shot it a year ago at this time, which is crazy because now Americans aren't allowed to even have that type of experience in Europe," she stated, adding:

"To watch this show and remember what it felt like to shoot it at a time where I'm literally flipping through photos of travel in order to feel like I'm traveling is just such a weird concept. It's something that's positive and lighthearted."

See the abs below!

Anorexia Survivor Speaks Out

Lily Collins in ab shot

Lily, who starred in anorexia movie "To The Bone" in 2017 and is herself a survivor of the eating disorder, last year opened up to Byrdie on how aspects of the mental illness are still with her, largely via the digital space.

"I still find myself looking through magazines and comparing myself to the photos, despite knowing the amount of Photoshop and tweaking they've been through," she said.

Emily even lost weight to play her role, having since regained it. See the photo that wiped out Instagram below.

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