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Nastia Liukin in Beverly Hills, CA

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Lifts Leg Over Head In Sheer Yoga Pants

By Whitney Vasquez

Gymnast Nastia Liukin's flexibility is a sight to see! The 31-year-old Olympian made her fans' mouths drop when she took to her social media and shared two pictures pulling her leg over her head. Folding herself up like a noodle, the gold-medal winner put herself in a compromising position in skintight spandex.

In both photos, the camera captured her flexibility from the perfect angle, leaving Nastia Liukin to give everyone a crotch shot in a pair of hip-hugging sheer yoga pants.

Her Bendability Is Next Level

Nastia Liukin in a leotard

Nastia Liukin shared the never-before-seen snaps as part of the Instagram game "Post a pic of." The popular trend gives fans the opportunity to ask the gymnast to give some insight into her personal life. She began playing the game last week and delighted fans with several shots from the Olympics but not everyone was impressed.

When someone left her a nasty comment about her "gross skinny chicken legs," Nastia Liukin clapped back by posting a shot showcasing her strength while in the upside-down splits. Scroll to see her leggy shots!

Lifting Leg Sky-High

Nastia in biker shorts

Despite the haters, the gymnast got back to it and posted her part three to "post a pic of" and that's where the leg-lifting shots came in. When a fan asked about the secret to her silky smooth skin, Nastia Liukin posted a snap showcasing her long limbs in nothing but a pair of white biker shorts.

Posing in the skintight spandex, the star paired the look with a sweatshirt and sneakers. Sitting on one buttcheek, Nastia Liukin grabbed her leg and flaunted her elasticity. Keep scrolling for more!

Sheer Yoga Pant Lift

Nastia Liukin in sheer pants

Revealing it's all about her moisturizer, Nastia Liukin wasn't done with her flexible photos just yet. When another person asked her about wearing APL shoes, the gold-medal winner used the opportunity to flex her limber levels. Slipping her jaw-dropping curves into a pair of sheer black yoga pants, Nastia Liukin showed off her killer body in a Christian Dior bra.

Using her arm to lift her right leg over her head, the star looked up at her sky-high pin and looked impressed with herself. Nastia Liukin never stops amazing us, especially when she cleverly claps back at body-shamers.

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