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Tekashi 6ix9ine's Baby Mama BLASTS Him For Allegedly Disrespecting Their Daughter

By Mike Walters

Tekashi 6ix9ine's baby mama, Sara Molina, is publically blasting the rainbow rapper after she claims he disrespected their daughter and is an absentee father.

Tekashi 69 has been MIA for months on social media and in the public eye, and according to the mother of his child he is the same when it comes to parenting his daughter.

In a scathing message on Instagram, Sara hammers the rapper over allegedly calling their child "that little girl" to her mother. Of course, she calls him a few choice names too and claims he has been lying online about his relationship with his child.

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'My Baby Father Is A Hurt Punk B--ch!'


"Imma just leave it here I haven't spoke "Bad" on him for a while and when I speak on him I speak on the situations that were bad. I refrain from feeling any type of way from ALL ABUSIVE HURTFUL shit he did to me and the s--t my daughter witnessed because of you, BUT WHAT I'm not gonna do is have you refer to OUR daughter as "that little girl" like she means nothing to you when ALL YOU DO IS CAP ABOUT OUR DAUGHTER to these Motherf--king little kids on it because honestly, those are the only people that are left call themselves your fans that f--k with you," she began.

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Tekashi's Baby Mama Hammers Him For Allegedly Disrespecting Daughter


She continued, "This f--king retarded confused miserable ass bitch ass man can drag and disrespect me all over this b---h, FINE. Idgaf but to address our daughter as "that little girl" and literally treat her like nothing? Over the phone to my moms? LMFAOOOOO WATCH SUM now."

Shockingly, she started her blistering post with "I swear my baby's father is a hurt punk bi--h Lmfaooo, I can't make this s--t up."

As we reported, Sara and Tekashi have had a very violent and rocky relationship for many years -- and the rapper admitted to most of the allegations while sitting down for his first interview following his release from prison.

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Tekashi 69 Is STILL MIA?!


"He has 69 tatted on his forehead.. what did she expect..?" one fan wrote. Another added, "You seen his hair and thought he would be a good father, ima just leave this right here."

"Ain't shocking he BEEN a whole clown. NEXT," one read.

In reaction to Sara's scathing post,a several of Tekashi's fans pointed out she is the girl who allegedly cheated with one of his gang member associates that started some of the rapper's criminal downfall. The alleged affair was mentioned several times while he testified against the gang.

Tekashi 69 continues to be MIA and hasn't posted on social media or made an appearance for months.

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