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Chanel West Coast poses in pink

Chanel West Coast Challenges NFL In Frontless Top, Stripper Boots

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast, her frontless top, and glittery stripper boots just gave the NFL a run for its money. The 32-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star dedicated her Monday Instagram update to promo for upcoming "40 Yard Dash" video – the track forms one of 19 on Chanel's October-released "America's Sweetheart" album. Chanel's 3.5 million followers today got the MTV face looking red-hot in a football getup complete with a helmet and knee pads, but it was a sexy finish all-around. Check it out below.

'40 Yard Dash'

Chanel West Coast poses in a swimsuit on a yacht

Scroll for the video. Chanel has already teased a little football action on her IG as her album makes waves – "40 Yard Dash" wittily sees the rapper weave sports-centric references into her hard-hitting lyrics.

"Might do 'em dirty, kick 'em like a field goal I be rockin' new sh-t, they all wanna cop those (Cop those), They say I'm too lit, I say I'm not close (Not close), I'm a Virgo, so all I do is perfect, Don't be mad at me that you b-tches hurtin.'"

Keep Scrolling For The Video!

Chanel West Coast poses for a selfie in a top

Chanel's video, a total head-turner, showed her kitted out head-to-toe in sparkle. Sporting a teeny-tiny pair of high-waisted shorts and a matching bra, Chanel opted for an unusual and frontless top stopping just above the bust, with the indoor-set footage seeing West Coast shake her killer hips around, also waving an arm.

One day she's brunette, the next she's icy-blue, the next she's....blonde. Chanel gave "thank u, next" singer Ariana Grande a shout-out via a super-high blonde ponytail, also going dangerous in a perspex-platformed set of stripper boots.

Scroll for the bikini action after the video.

Album Promo Off The Hook

Chanel West Coast poses in a bikini and angel wings

Chanel, keeping her caption short and sweet, wrote: "BTS #40yarddash video coming soon! 😜🏈💚"

Today's post comes amid a stready stream of wowing looks as Chanel continues to promote "America's Sweetheart." The rapper has been sandwiched from an oversized cage while in a bikini and with giant angel wings for "Heaven's Calling," also brazenly going sheer in an open trench coat and from a church for the same track – meanwhile, no expense was spared as "No Plans" brought Chanel bikini-clad and from a $50 million mansion.

Why It's Called 'America's Sweetheart'

Chanel West Coast poses pouting by a US flag

Chanel's album, her debut one, comes after 2019 hits including "Anchors" and "Black Roses," the latter featured on the album. As to the name, Chanel has opened up.

"I called this album America’s Sweetheart because it’s an oxymoron and contradicts the perception that many have of me," she said, adding: "I have flaws. I've made mistakes. I’ve benefitted from white privilege and I’ve had second chances in life that, unfortunately, many people have not received."

The album sees Chanel address race and equality, alongside reminding fans that she wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Scroll for the church photo West Coast was forced to censor.

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