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'Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City' Lisa Barlow's Face, Plastic Surgeons Weigh In

By Ryan Naumann

"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star Lisa Barlow brushed off accusations she had work done and now plastic surgeons are weighing in on the matter.

Recently, Lisa posted a now-deleted video on Instagram where she discussed the rumors she has gone under the knife. The "RHOSLC" star told her fans, "'I have nothing against the unnatural. I just prefer to be natural."

She added, "'Look! Wrinkles, scrunch marks!" Lisa claims her husband loves her face with wrinkles and scrunched.



The reality star said her husband John "loves those scrunch marks on my nose" because it reminded him of their 2003 wedding photos where she scrunched her nose.

Many fans questioned whether Lisa was telling the truth due to throwback photos showing a drastically different looking Lisa. The Blast spoke to the renowned plastic surgeon team. Dr. Frank Agullo aka Dr. Worldwide and Pam Agullo, MD, about Lisa's face. Neither has worked personally with the "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City."

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Dr. Frank Agullo tells The Blast, "Lisa’s transformation is amazing, not only does she look completely rejuvenated but has been achieved in a very natural way. She most probably underwent a rhinoplasty, her nose now looks refined and fitting to her beautiful features."

Dr. Agullo added, "Her brows seem like they have been lifted, either with threads or surgery. It would seem like she has undergone a lip lift too since the space between her nose and top of the upper lip is considerably shorter."


The doctor tells us, " As for noninvasive treatments, she most probably has gotten full-face fillers and neurotoxins to give her that overall refreshed, rejuvenated, and balanced appearance."

Pam Agullo, MD tells us, "Lisa looks absolutely amazing, I believe she now has transformed into the best version of herself. I love the fact that she doesn’t look overdone at all. I think she’s gotten overall skin tightening treatments along with neurotoxins, which have given her skin a beautiful glow and smoothness."


Pam added, "Her jawline definitely seems more contoured and defined, giving her a more rounded shape to her face. Her lips look gorgeous, probably got fillers for that plump and pretty shape. It would seem she’s had her brows lifted and reshaped too, they now frame her expressive eyes. Lastly, her cheeks seem to have been given a pop too, probably with a bit of filler, a little goes a long way in this area of the face."

Lisa continues living her best life amid the plastic surgery speculation.

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