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Sommer Ray staring into the camera

Sommer Ray Channels Lana Del Rey With Provocative Pink Bodysuit

Sommer Ray / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Sommer Ray is putting the laws of physics to the ultimate test while dropping some serious heat on her Instagram feed. The social media maven hit up The Gram on Thursday afternoon to reveal her latest photoshoot, which was all about itty bitty clothes and revved up muscle cars. Sommer Ray also showed a bit of her wild side by revealing her series of photos was inspired by an infamous Lana Del Rey song -- which brings a whole new vibe to the photos.

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Sommer Ray modeling next to Ford Mustang
Sommer Ray / Instagram

The newly-turned 24-year-old star was not messing around with her latest photoshoot, which delighted her over 25 million Instagram followers.

The model was seen taking snaps in a classic white Ford Mustang while stopped at a retro full-service gas station. While wearing a pink bodysuit cinched at the waist with a white belt, and matching white boots, Sommer Ray was oozing sex appeal next to the muscle car.

Sommer also incorporated a prop into the shoot -- a can of cola which she casually drank through a straw.


Sommer Ray sipping a cola
Sommer Ray / Instagram

It turns out the can of cola had a deeper meaning, as Sommer Ray dropped an easter egg of a lyric in her caption which brought some meaning behind the whole vibe she was giving off.

"come on baby, let's ride we can escape to the great sunshine," the model wrote.

To many, it may just sound like an interesting caption, but Lana Del Rey aficionados will quickly point out that the line comes from the singer's hit song, "Cola." Let's look into what that song is about.


Giphy | Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey's song, "Cola," is actually well known for another reason -- it's racy opening line.

"My pussy tastes like Pepsi cola // My eyes are wide like cherry pies // I got sweet taste for men who are older // It's always been so, it's no surprise"

According to Rap Genius:

"Lana describes in this song how her promiscuity attracts the stereotypical male (desperately sexually oriented with a lack of commitment), even though he may be married or in a relationship."

It's unclear which meaning Sommer was shooting for in her own pics, but she's definitely owning it.


Sommer Ray / Instagram

Sommer Ray has been feeling the need for speed lately as many of her modeling shots have been centered around cars. She recently shared a video at an automotive garage that didn't quite end the way it was mapped out.

Storming in front of the camera while wearing an extreme-cutout bikini and a pair of knee-high cowboy boots, Sommer strode down a walkway and did a complete spin, showing off her famed booty in a thong before accidentally leaning up against a rusted car that was piping hot from the sun beating down on it all afternoon.

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