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NeNe Leakes Tells Andy Cohen & Wendy Williams To Back Up

By Ryan Naumann

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes isn’t done dragging her former boss Andy Cohen and frenemy Wendy Williams.

NeNe released a 7-minute video on her YouTube channel addressing her comments about Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams.

She captioned the video, “What’s really unfair here is for someone to continue picking on you publicly after you have bowed out gracefully, thanked everyone you possibly could and tried to remain silent numerous times while being bashed over & over again. I even deactivated my social media for a month to try and remove myself. You don’t just get to devalue me on your show because you want too. I’m telling you right now, right here publicly, LEAVE ME ALONE.”

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In the video, NeNe says her decision to leave “RHOA” has been extremely hard. The reality star says she has cried over her decision and lost a ton of sleep. She says it took her a while to come to the conclusion.

NeNe then moved onto Wendy Williams' appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show. She said Wendy has no idea what she's been going through personally. NeNe says in the past she considered Wendy a close friend but no longer. She takes issue with the things she said about her publicly.

The "RHOA" star took issue with Wendy bringing her family into the equation. She went on to talk about Andy. She claims to be forced out of the franchise and wants to be left alone. She says if they don't have anything nice to say don't mention her name at all.


As The Blast previously reported, earlier this week, NeNe took to Twitter to rip into Andy and Wendy. The drama started after Wendy appeared on Andy’s “Watch What Happens Live” this week and talked about NeNe’s departure from “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

NeNe recently her fans she would not be returning for another season of the reality show. On “WWHL” Andy asked NeNe what she thought of her friend’s decision.

Wendy decided to throw a lot of shade towards NeNe.


She called into question NeNe’s departure announcement and said she would probably be returning to “RHOA” despite saying otherwise. Wendy also said a spin-off with NeNe would be “boring” and Andy laughed at the responses.

NeNe fired back at her friend on Twitter writing, “Both are f their ratings are LOW! Bye QUEENS. She on cocaine so they should stop using her to talk! They both need my help with their poor ratings. Keep trying me sir and imma let the world know who you really are.”


She continued, “I will ALWAYS eat and eat good! Believe that. I have ALWAYS believed in multiple streams of income so the leakes are good you ole cocaine head and you ole racist. No one knew you until YOU knew me. Remember I’m ICON. Don’t forget.”

NeNe added, “They ALWAYS manipulating black women to say negative things about each other while they sit and enjoy us tearing each other down! Remember #BLM Remember #breonnataylor REMEMBER the most racist networks. They gone leave my name outta these shows. Send me your best discrimination attorneys info to ITS WAR.”

She ended, “The racist is the master manipulator! They using me for ratings like they have always done.

Andy and Wendy have remained silent following NeNe's social media accusations.

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