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Halsey eating ice cream

Britney Spears Can't Get Enough of Halsey's Sweet Ice Cream

Halsey / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Britney Spears is giving major props to Halsey for the singer's latest collaboration ... that had nothing to do with dropping a single and everything to do with dropping some delicious ice cream. Britney took to Instagram on Thursday afternoon as the soaring temperatures near her home in Southern California have caused many to seek out a cool treat. Although summer is officially over and it's pumpkin spice season, Britney is not yet ready to move on from some delicious ice cream.

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Halsey / Instagram

Britney shared the culinary delight with her followers, and commented, "This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while .... looks so good," she wrote while tagging Halsey.

Halsey recently teamed up with Belgian ice cream bar maker, Magnum, to release a signature bar that the "Without Me" singer designed herself. She ended up with a pink-chocolately delight that only Halsey could envision:

"I combined my art and kitchen skills and designed this special bar for @Magnum Ice Cream using dark chocolate drizzles, black sesame seeds, candy flowers, pink jellies & Magnum Ruby."

Halsey's Collab With Magnum

Halsey in a bikini
Halsey / Instagram

Halsey's collab was part of a bigger campaign for Magnum about being "true to your pleasure," and was even touted in a music video Halsey released with the dessert.

According to a release on the official ice cream bar site:

"Being true to your pleasure just got bolder with Magnum’s latest collaboration with multi-platinum singer, songwriter & activist, Halsey. Discover how Halsey, alongside a collective of individuals from around the world, overcome barriers to proudly live their truth and pursue what makes them happy."

Britney Loves Ice Cream

Britney Spears getting froyo

Britney Spears definitely has an affinity for frosty treats and has been spotted out multiple times over the years picking up ice cream. Back in 2019 after making headlines for entering a mental health facility for treatment, Britney and her team went on a trip to get frozen yogurt and she shmoozed with the paparazzi a little bit.

She also recently revealed during a Q&A that "Oreo Blasts" are her favorite dessert, although many fans thought she was referring to Oreo Blizzards from Dairy Queen.

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Britney Spears with kids
Britney Spears / Instagram

Britney has also passed on her love of ice cream to her children, and in happier days shared that she used to make the boys ice cream sundaes. In 2018, while she still split custody with Kevin Federline, Britney posted a fun video to social media after making Sean and Jayden a dessert, and also admitting she screwed it up.

"When you make your kids your famous ice cream sundae and forget to put their favorite thing in it... the banana... you just play it off."

It's the though that counts!

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