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Brad Goreski takes a selfie in glasses.

Brad Goreski Weighs In On Nene Leakes' 'RHOA' Drama And Dishes On A 'Fashion Police' Reboot

Brad Goreski | Instagram
By Lindsay Cronin

Brad Goreski doesn't understand the alleged feud happening between Nene Leakes and Bravo.

As fans may have heard, Nene has not yet begun filming season 13 with her "Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-stars due to a supposed debate regarding the alleged discrimination she experienced with the network. However, when it comes to the swirling rumors, Brad doesn't seem to believe that Nene is plotting a lawsuit against Bravo.

During an appearance on a recent episode of the "Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef" podcast, Brad explained his stance.

Brad Goreski Doesn't Think It's Possible That The 'RHOA' Rumors Are True

Brad Goreski and Nene Leakes film 'Fashion Police.'
Brad Goreski | Instagram

"This makes no sense to me," Brad said of the rumors. "If Nene is suing Bravo like they say she is, and if she is fired like they say, this cannot be true. [The E! Network] is the same parent as Bravo. There is no way they would fire her and/or let her sue and give her a show."

According to Brad, he doesn't believe that the rumors can be true in regard to Nene's issues behind the scenes of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" because Nene has a great relationship with E!

Brad Goreski Has Two Television Projects In The Works

Brad Goreski attends the Oscars.
Brad Goreski | Instagram

"I don't think this can happen if those [rumors] are true," Brad continued. "So either the show got pulled from under [Bravo] or its a real show and Nene is fine with ['The Real Housewives of Atlanta'], if that makes sense."

Moving on from the Nene rumors, Brad revealed he is currently in the works on two new television projects.

"One is for HBO max. It's a travel show called 'Brad and Gary Go To,' and then I'm also working on a show with E! and Nene Leakes called 'Glam Squad Showdown,' which is a beauty competition program," he shared.

Brad Goreski Would Love To See A 'Fashion Police' Reboot

Nene Leakes and Brad Goreski film 'Fashion Police.'
Brad Goreski | Instagram

"I love red carpet fashion. I love celebrity. So, you know, my mom told me a long time ago to stick to jobs that you're really passionate about and I'm passionate about those things," Brad explained of his continued involvement in the world of all things fashion and glam.

When David then questioned Brad about a potential reboot of "Fashion Police," which Nene starred on as well, he said he would be "very interested" in participating with the series, again.

Brad Goreski Loves The Golden Globes

 Brad Goreski poses with Giuliana Rancic.
Brad Goreski | Instagram

Although Brad loves all award shows and the styling involved, he told David it was the Golden Globes that were his absolute favorite.

"I love the Golden Globes because it really, it sets the tone kind of for the New Year and really kicks off award season. So things get very exciting here in Los Angeles. And also because the carpet is... you can do a lot of the more unexpected things there and being a stylist, working on clients, going to those shows, the time crunch is so intense," he explained.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" season 13 is expected to air on Bravo later this year or early next year.

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