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Danielle Staub hosts a cooking show.

Former 'RHONJ' Cast Member Danielle Staub Accuses Andy Cohen Of Sabotaging Her Career

Danielle Staub | Instagram
By Lindsay Cronin

Danielle Staub put her former Bravo boss, Andy Cohen on blast on Instagram earlier this week.

Months after Danielle announced that she would not be returning for any future seasons of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," the mother of two took to her Instagram page, where she lashed out at Andy by accusing the "Watch What Happens Live" host of sabotaging her career before saying that she is no longer be forced to return to the "lion's den" with the ladies of "RHONJ."

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Danielle Staub Thought Andy Cohen Would Change After Welcoming His Son

Danielle Staub visits a hotel in New York City.
Danielle Staub | Instagram

"Andy kept me in the dark long enough!" Danielle began in her statement.

As "Real Housewives of New Jersey" fans will recall, Danielle exposed her life to the cameras in full for the first two seasons of the series before returning years later in a part-time position.

"He has taken whats mine and given it to others!" Danielle continued.

According to the former reality star, she believed Andy would change his behavior after welcoming his first child, son Benjamin, last year.

Danielle Staub Seems To Be Preparing To Take Action Against Andy Cohen

Danielle Staub films with Bravo.
Danielle Staub | Instagram

"Now that you are a parent I’d hoped you would see some of the pain you caused my family, even when I left the show to protect my young children, you mocked me repeatedly defaming me and yet I still continued to give you over a decade to do right by me and mine!" Danielle continued. "Now it’s time you understand that 'for every action there is a reaction.'"

Although Danielle didn't say what she had up her sleeve in regard to possible action against Andy, she seemed to be issuing him a warning.

"You must’ve seen this coming and YOU know you were wrong, yet you continued," she stated.

Danielle Staub Has Some Advice For Andy Cohen

Danielle Staub is seen outside of her New Jersey home.
Danielle Staub | Instagram

"For all the times you held me down and picked me apart instead of building me up and standing with me, for all the times you made me stand alone 'kept me in the dark.' may you tread lightly in your own darkness," Danielle went on.

As her cryptic post continued, Danielle said she hoped Andy would learn to "do better."

"May you and yours never experience the pain you’ve caused my children and I. Take it or leave it, but my advise is you should lead by example [because] many have put you on a pedestal," she wrote.

Danielle Staub Claims Andy Cohen's Fans Mimic His Behavior

Danielle Staub wears Versace.
Danielle Staub | Instagram

"They watch you and wait for you to lead, where they may follow. And follow they have they follow your lead and mirror your behavior," Danielle added. "I should know because the way you’ve treated me is duplicated and reflected by your fans."

The remaining members of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast reunited earlier this summer to begin production on the upcoming 11th season of the Bravo series.

No word yet on when the show will return with new episodes.

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