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Justin Bieber Shares Rare Post Of Little Baby Sister Bay On Instagram

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By Jacob Highley

Justin Bieber is practically synonymous with pop celebrity stardom. The 26-year-old singer has been the focal point in the tabloids for years in regards to the top music artists. Lately his relationship with beauty model Hailey Baldwin-Bieber has propelled the two of them into an even greater level of fame after they started posting much more frequently on social media.

Married in 2018, the two blonde love birds don’t usually post about their families preferring to keep the focus on themselves or their spouse. But occasionally fans will get a post about their relatives, like today!

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'Love You'

Justin Bieber with red beanie on
Instagram @Justin Bieber

Justin’s latest Instagram post was quite a treat for viewers as he showed a picture of his two-year-old sister Bay next to an adorable teddy bear. The “Somebody To Love” singer captioned the post saying:

“Love You @Baybieber”

This actually stirred some news outlets to ask whether Justin and Hailey were trying to have a baby of their own. Soon they will celebrate their two year anniversary and so far no pregnancy news has come up.

Another famous couple just had their first child in about the same time being together too.

'Didn't Make Any Babies'

Justin Bieber on boat
Instagram @Justin Bieber

Compare this with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner just having their first child together in such a short period of time being married, and it does leave fans wondering.

“"We didn’t make any babies, so that’s that,” Hailey told the press, "Honestly, I really do think we’ve enjoyed this time," she added. "We're still pretty newly married. I mean, we'll celebrate two years in September."

Sophie shared that despite quarantines in place all over the US, she and Justin still manage to have a good time since they still newly weds in a way.

'Newly Married'


“Even through the quarantine, we’re still pretty newly married. We’ve just been enjoying our time together and getting to know each other deeper," Baldwin said. "We’ve been having a really fun summer, regardless of everything that’s been going on."

Hailey also shared that she and Justin miss their families, but that they have been able to get quite a bit done since they’ve been home so long. This might also indicate why Justin is posting about his young sister on social media.

'A Lot Of Things Done'

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“I think we've been able to get a lot of things done that we maybe felt like we didn't have time for before but it's been good. It sucks cause we miss our families, we miss seeing our friends. But other than that, it's been okay."

Many fans loved seeing the new picture of Justin’s sibling on Instagram, with the last one being a long while ago. It could be soon that their families are able to see each other again.

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