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Justin Bieber wearing hat

Justin Bieber Calls Out Travis Scott In Latest Instagram Post: 'I Got Time'

Instagram @Justinbieber
By Jacob Highley

Justin Bieber recently posted an Instagram update mentioning Travis Scott. The post published 5 hours ago and already it has received thousands of responses.

The 26-year-old pop star has been ever-present in the media headlines since 2015 after releasing smash hit after hit. This year alone his “Changes” album is estimated to have sold over 640,000 units since its release in February.

Apparently, the Canadian celebrity is taking up more than music these days as made apparent by his latest post.

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'Got Time'


The “Intentions” singer’s latest post showed a picture of himself shooting on the side of a basketball court with a friend. Bieber gave fans an epic front-row seat to the experience (even if it was just a photo) as it showed him shirtless wearing a “smiley face” cap backward.

In the caption, he called out Black rapper Travis Scott saying:

“@travisscott come get this work. I got Time”

But that’s not even the best part since Travis himself actually commented a reply on Bieber’s post!

'Do I Have to Remind Ya?'

Justin Bieber wearing hoodie
Gettyimages | Jayne Kamin-Oncea

Travis replied to Justin’s post in a succinct but expressive rebuttal for the world to see:

“do I have to remind ya. ?!!! Lmaooooo”

Travis and Justin have played basketball before, and from the sounds of it, it would appear that Travis had previously emerged victorious last they dueled.

Justin didn’t take Travis’ comment as final though, he replied saying that the reason he previously lost was entirely due to Scott having someone specific on his team.

“it’s because you had Roy Bird” Justin replied.

Successful Collab

Travis Scott rapping
Wikimedia |

Justin’s time working with Travis Scott was very successful, and it is likely that we will see more collaborations between him and other artists. (Maybe Justin and Travis will do another collab?)

Though fans already know that Bieber doesn’t have to do any collabs to be a major success. Bieber’s “Yummy” song has reached nearly 500 million views on Youtube and dominated Billboard Hot 100 for weeks.

His music video is especially iconic and was published several months after he married Hailey Baldwin. (Which had some thinking that maybe the song was about her)

What's Next?

Travis Scott with hat on
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

Some have already started speculating whether Justin’s Instagram will soon have an update showing the “Baby” star shooting some hoops with Scott.

Travis has been quite busy promoting his latest music and taking pictures of for some of his recent promotions. He posted a cool picture of himself wearing a racing jumpsuit with a foggy background that his fans are calling straight fire.

Quite fitting considering Travis’ nickname is “Flame” after all. Who knows? Maybe the next update we get will be with Travis and Justin hanging out?

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