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 Ariana Grande With Jimmy Fallon

Ariana Grande Says Her Relationship With Pete Davidson Is Was a Distraction!?

Gettyimages | NBC
By Jacob Highley

Ariana Grande has recently told the press that she views her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson as a distraction. Naturally, Pete responded with some annoyed remarks and thought what she said was completely unfair.

While their relationship has been criticized by the press at times, many people feel that Ariana is getting a free pass for openly making negative remarks about Pete.

Pete has come forward claiming that were he making the same comments about Ariana, the media would be outraged.

How Did Ariana And Pete Breakup?

Confused woman
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So many celebrity relationships end in heartbreak or drama these days. Celebrity breakups are so prevalent and so popular, that it has become expected for almost every one to end in failure.

If more pop idols, actors and comedians would commit to a solid relationship, and not some publicity stunt/one-off, I think we'd see a lot fewer breakups.

Comments like the ones from Ariana don't speak well about how they both treated each other. As others have pointed out on social media, some things are best left unsaid.

Doomed To Fail From The Start?

Two people breaking up
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I always give the benefit of the doubt to people, especially people who have pretty much everything they need to succeed in relationships. Celebrity couples have time, money, and usually a fan base.

I really think they could have made it work, but even I noticed how casually they acted during a period of public scrutiny. A period that would normally hard press a couple to get serious about tying the knot.

While fans of Ariana and Pete were happy to see the two together, an equal share of onlookers weren't surprised when they split.

What Is Ariana Grande Doing Right Now?

Ariana Grande Singing
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Ariana Grande is on tour around the United States currently, and recently finished a photo shoot with Vogue magazine. (Which also happened to be where she made her recent statements about Pete Davidson)

She is expected to perform in top venues like "Madison Square Garden" (New York), and "Pepsi Center" (Colorado).

Ariana dominated the charts in 2019 breaking new records as her fans have highlighted recently. Her concerts are expected to do extremely well withthousands upon thousands lining up to buy tickets.

What Is Pete Davidson Doing Now?

Pete Davidson
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

While Pete has come out joking about what it's like to be Ariana's ex, seems to me like he's doing pretty well despite rumors of previous suicide and stuff like that.

Pete has been quite active lately. Lining up different comedy gigs and opportunities to work on skits. Hopefully, we'll get to see another comedy special by him soon, he was hilarious!

He makes regular appearances on SNL, comedy shows, and recently hosted his own comedy special on Netflix. Fans loved his performance and the interview that followed.

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