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The 'Real Housewives' Ponytail Pull Felt Across New Jersey

Gettyimages | Bravo
By kenadijiba

Ladies and gentlemen we have found upon ourselves another iconic reality t.v. moment. Just last weekend on Bravos long running “Real Housewives of New Jersey” a fight towards the end of the episode broke out. With every fight there seems to be a load of contrasting stories. Although there has been a profound tension between Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub since last season it looks like these knife cutting comments metamorphosed into straight up assault. But, the Housewives are kind of used to this kind of thing. On “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” during a special reunion Kenya Moore decided to be extra and bring out her obnoxious fan, well Porsha Williams was not feeling Kenya’s prop nor her vicious comebacks and brought Kenya down to the ground with a good ole drag. There was also that O.G moment when Theresa Giudice was yelling at newfound partner in crime Danielle about her being a prostitute, and flipped an entire table.

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So, even if there has been a slight history of “fights” on these various spin offs of “ The Real Housewives”, all out brawling is still not expected. This show although a bit of a mess can't be compared to roughness of VH1 shows like “Mob Wives”, or “Love and Hip Hop”. Interestingly enough Danielle just decided to flip the reputation of Housewives on its head like a burnt pancake, and attack her mortal enemy Margaret. As the scene goes, all the women were in a high end clothing store. Theresa was there and a bit inebriated which probably impaired her judgement, but then again everyone looked a little drunk. Both “squads” were on two separate sides of the store enjoying themselves and then Danielle decides to walk in.

Giphy | Wendy Williams

Theresa who’s a great defender of Danielle whilst the rest of her friends and family totally believe she is a snake, was sticking by Danielles side. As Margaret was chatting with Melissa Gorga, Jackie Golschneider, and Dolores Cantania suspicions grew as to whether they were making fun of Danielle right in front of her face. The camera after turning to Danielle and Theresa being sure that the girls were totally disrespecting the soul out of Danielle slings over to the other side and clearly shows them just laughing at the most random subjects, nothing to do with Danielle whatsoever. Well, Theresa out of nowhere decides to say with a fierceness this is enough, we have to go over there and confront them.


As the perfect recipe for disaster ensues because of Theresa and her choices once again, the little scuffle turned into a big argument. Margaret like the wordsmith she is, was reading Danielle to filth. Then Danielle went low and started dissing Margaret on her appearance. Margaret then proceeds to take her drink and pour it all over Danielle. Obviously she wasn't going to let that transgression go so Danielle like clockwork goes for Margarets purse and starts to take all her belongings out of it throwing everything around like school candy. After that all the girls except Danielle seemed to be over it and began profusely apologizing to the owner offering to pay for any damage done in the process, Ms Staub had other plans. As she was walking out she laid her eyes without apology on Margarets wholesome ponytail. She then with Margarets back turned to her pulled it with a quickness and would not let go. Her anger was so palpable and maniacal that people were lowkey afraid. As she finally let go, the disgust for her actions was expressed and the rest was history. On the bright side Twitter has been blessed at the expense of Margaret's golden extensions with another great meme.

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